Bernie Sanders thinks Bill Clinton’s behavior so ‘disgraceful’ he won’t bring it up at next debate with Hillary

Bernie Sanders had some harsh criticism for the husband of his opponent:

Has Sanders found a weakness he’s willing to exploit? Nah:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Friday called Bill Clintons sexual scandals totally disgraceful and unacceptable but said he would not use the former president’s infidelities against Hillary Clinton.

Sanders said he’s running against Hillary Clinton, not Bill Clinton, so he won’t make it an issue.

Maybe at the next debate, instead of dismissing her emails, Sanders will win applause from Hillary for saying he’s sick and tired of hearing about her husband’s damn infidelities before both return to trying to explain how the Republicans are bad for women.

At this point Sanders seems to be just angling for a cabinet post in President Hillary’s administration.

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