‘Who the hell wants to woo her!’ Donald Trump’s still got Megyn Kelly on his mind

As Twitchy reported earlier today, the FBI has widened their investigationof Hillary Clinton. If there’s any woman out there who’s an easytarget for GOP presidential candidates, it’s Hillary.

But Donald Trump’s got his sights set on another woman:

Got that?

Suppose it’s one way to stay busy.

His animosity toward Kelly didn’t seem to faze his fans much:

But it’s safe to say he didn’t score any points with people who alreadycan’t stand him.


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Megyn Kelly rips cowardly Dem ‘for attacking a leukemia patient’ [video]

As Twitchy reported, Julie Boonstra says she lost the health insurance she liked and faces unpredictable out-of-pocket expenses for her leukemia treatment with her new insurance plan. For that grave offense against the sanctity of Obamacare, Dem Rep. Gary Peters branded Boonstra a liar and threatened the licenses of TV stations running an Americans for Prosperity ad featuring the Michigan mom.

War on Women, anyone?

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly says Peters, a Senate hopeful, “repeatedly” declined invitations to appear on her program to defend his indefensible attack on a cancer patient. He also refused to answer the door when Boonstra visited his home with this letter.

Looks like fired-up women make Peters tremble when he can’t hide behind his legal team.

Kelly hosted a panel discussion in which she smacked the cowardly Peters around for his shameful attack on Boonstra.
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