Brass Ruler 12″ & 6″ Set for $49

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Description Ordinary plastic rulers are too common to look at, not to mention, very fragile. Richard Clarkson Studio brings us a Brass Rule Set consisting of 6″ and 12″ rulers. These rulers are precision machined from solid brass, giving it a beautiful, raw aesthetic and very satisfying weight in the hand. Over time the rule will patina showing a trace of the user’s interaction with it. The laser-etched markings show metric on one side and imperial on the other. Includes a 6″ x 1″ ruler and a 12″ x 2″ larger ruler Precision machined from solid brass Beautiful raw aesthetic very satisfying weight in the hand Laser-etched markings show metric imperial measurements Specs Material: brass Dimensions: 6″ x 1″, 12″ x 2″ Minimal, raw aesthetic Laser-etched markings Measurement: metric, imperial Patina pattern over time Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty Includes 6″ Ruler 12″ Ruler Shipping Ships to US Expected Delivery: Oct 6 – Oct 9 Terms Returns accepted within 30 days of shipment for orders within the Contiguous US.

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