Megyn Kelly rips cowardly Dem ‘for attacking a leukemia patient’ [video]!/kwkid55/status/438137143790407680
As Twitchy reported, Julie Boonstra says she lost the health insurance she liked and faces unpredictable out-of-pocket expenses for her leukemia treatment with her new insurance plan. For that grave offense against the sanctity of Obamacare, Dem Rep. Gary Peters branded Boonstra a liar and threatened the licenses of TV stations running an Americans for Prosperity ad featuring the Michigan mom.

War on Women, anyone?

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly says Peters, a Senate hopeful, “repeatedly” declined invitations to appear on her program to defend his indefensible attack on a cancer patient. He also refused to answer the door when Boonstra visited his home with this letter.!/AFPMichigan/status/438379510623645696

Looks like fired-up women make Peters tremble when he can’t hide behind his legal team.!/DeatonCAPT/status/438137746800906240!/EcqviennaQ/status/438303602449600512
Kelly hosted a panel discussion in which she smacked the cowardly Peters around for his shameful attack on Boonstra.!/AFPMichigan/status/438378495706947585!/AFPMichigan/status/438421012401885184Read more: