22 Couples Who Show The True Meaning Of Love.

Relationships are never really like they seem in your favorite romantic comedies. The credits may roll for the likes of Harry and Sally, but for the rest of us there’s a lot more to work through. 

But, if you’re lucky, you find the person who helps you not only weather through life’s ups and downs but also grow stronger — because you have each other. And that’s clearly the case with these adorable duos who have passed the test of time. Take a look.

1.) This couple who ride together in style.

2.) And then one who takes that style up a notch.

3.) This couple who still act like honeymooners after 65 years together.

4.) This man who still takes the time to pick the perfect card.

5.) This couple who still know how to embrace every picturesque moment.

6.) This couple who makes waiting for a train worthwhile.

7.) This couple who walked along the beach hand-in-hand, happily greeting everyone.

8.) This couple who still hold hands while taking a stroll.

9.) This couple who know how to treat themselves, together.

10.) This couple who hit a real homerun in ’61.

11.) This couple who still takes long walks together (and bring their cat along).

12.) This couple who knows how to keep each other warm at night.

13.) This couple who know how to embrace the kid at heart.

14.) This couple who are still lovin’ it.

15.) This couple that still see fireworks when they’re together.

16.) This couple who share the heavy burdens.

17.) This couple who know how to fun no matter where they are.

18.) This couple cracking themselves up at a Costco. (She’s reading a children’s book to him!)

19.) This couple who save the first, middle and last dance for each other.

20.) This couple who still teach each other new tricks.

21.) This coordinated couple.

22.) And this couple who embrace their own sense of style.

(via BuzzFeed.)

See, romance doesn’t have to fade just because you’re hair color does… I’ll have what they’re having.

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29 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Love

                                            <b>Sometimes love makes you want to sing&hellip;and sometimes it makes you want to pull the covers up over your head.</b>                                                           

1. On the difficulty of expressing your love.

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Art by Owl Turd Comix.

2. On holding hands with the one you love.

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Art by Tiffany Ford.

3. On edible love.

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Art by Constance Lagrange.

4. On sharing a bed with the one you love.

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Art by Kelly Bastow (MOOSEKLEENEX).

5. On love between dog owners.

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Art by Gemma Correll.

6. On needing to be so much closer to the one you love.

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Art by Deep Dark Fears.

7. On unfulfilled love.

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Art by Nick Sumida.

8. On keeping the one you love healthy.

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Art by Maritsa Patrinos.

9. On seemingly impossible love.

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Art by Carolina (My Whispered Colors).

10. On never wanting to stop talking to the one you love.

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Art by Sarah Graley.

11. On protecting the one you love.

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Art by Madéleine Flores.

12. On finding your true love.

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Art by Philippa Rice.

13. On young love.

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Art by Jordan Jeffries.

14. On a mother’s love.

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Art by Kate Beaton.

15. On past love.

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Art by Lizzy Stewart.

16. On love songs.

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Art by Marloes de Vries.

17. On literary love.

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Art by Irena Freitas.

18. On the love between pet owner and pet.

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Art by Sam Spina.

19. On sacrificing yourself for the one you love.

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Art by Carolyn C. Nowak.

20. On long-lasting love.

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Art by Ruth Chan.

21. On being a book lover.

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Art by Grant Snider (Incidental Comics).

23. On the early stages of love.

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Art by Julian Callos.

24. On love changing as you get older.

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Art by Noelle Stevenson.

25. On chivalrous acts of love.

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Art by Tiffany Ford.

26. On being a part of a chain of unreciprocated love.

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Art by Anne Emond.

27. On passionate love.

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Art by Kim Roselier.

28. On love expressed through mooing.

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Art by Seo Kim.

29. On the quest for love.

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Art by Hyesu Lee.

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