Seeing This Dog May Shock You At First. But Keep Looking Because What Happened Is Amazing.

You’ll never find a dog like Pig, she is a one-in-a-million kind of canine. She was found in the woods near Atlanta, abandoned by her feral mother. The veterinarian who looked her over at first recommended putting the monstrous puppy down. When Kim Dillenbeck heard about the deformed puppy, she had to see her for herself. Kim had rescued animals before, but never a dog like Pig. Without her adoptive mother’s help, she wouldn’t have been able to survive.

Pig was found alone in the woods.

Without intervention, this unique puppy would have died.

There’s something different about Pig…

The dog’s spine is incomplete, with portions missing. Some of her vertebrae are fused and twisted.

Pig’s also missing a few of her ribs. Her joints and hips are rotated in the wrong positions.

Her spinal cord that divides into two separate cords at her neck.

But even though she has severe deformities, she might just be okay in her new, loving home.

She won’t be able to gain much weight.

However, with enough attention and love, Pig will be just fine.

She knows how lucky she is!

(H/T Twenty Two Words) What Kim did for Pig was an incredible kindness; she single-handedly saved this special dog who would have otherwise been euthanized. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Appearances can be deceiving. Kim discovered what a wonderful creature Pig is, and she wouldn’t have if she would have passed her by.

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