She Had To Leave Her Dying Baby’s Side. When You See Why, Your Heart Will Break.

When Melanie Coffee’s plane went down, it was a miracle she survived. She and only six other people made out of the Alaskan plane crash alive. The light aircraft plunged to the ground because of a terrible blizzard. After impact, not only was she injured, but her heart was broken. Her newborn baby was killed in the crash… but she knew she couldn’t stay by his side.

After her plane crashed, Melanie had to abandoned her deceased infant in order to get help.

Wyatt was only 5 months-old when the plane went down.

He tragically died on the scene, but his mother attempted to revive him.

When she realized he was gone, she left his body in order to walk to get help for the other passengers that survived the accident.

She walked over a mile in a blizzard, away from her dead child, to fetch help.

There were only 6 survivors in the crash, and she was the only one able to go get help.

Wyatt was her first child. She and her partner are absolutely heartbroken.

Wyatt’s father, Keith Andrew, is comforting Melanie during this terrible time.

Melanie’s strength is so intense, it’s almost hard to understand. We hope she and her family cope with the loss of her dear boy, but always remember that she is a hero.
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