Why Disney Should Just Chill With Frozen Already. Let It Go.

Even though Disney’s massive hit Frozen was released almost a year ago, it is still everywhere. The characters and songs will be permafrosted into Disney products and merchandise for years.

Disney has yet to announce an upcoming sequel, but given the movie’s popularity? They don’t even need to.

Honestly, though, Disney? Let It Go.

1.) Disney has already incorporated Frozen characters into the fourth season of its hit fairy tale show ‘Once Upon A Time’.

Guess they just completely skipped over the Wreck It Ralph crew, huh?

2.) Throughout the month of November Queen Else will use her powers to transform Cinderella’s castle into an ice palace every night.

So like, did Cinderella even have a say in this?

3.) The Frozen cast will make an appearance in the Christmas parade this year at the Magic Kingdom.

‘Olaf’ the yule tide fun.

4.) Disney will soon open the ‘Wondering Oaken’s Frozen Snowground’ retail store feature Frozen merchandise.

And real snow!

5.) Also at the Disney Hollywood Studios park, the Frozen Premium Package, which features a special dessert party and guaranteed seats at the park’s Frozen sing-a-long show.

Ugh. So you know how you already hate it when people sing that song at dinner?

6.) Disney is updating the ‘Maelstorm’ ride at Disney’s Epcot to include the characters of Frozen.

Say goodbye to the trolls and the oil drums, Maelstorm fans.

7.) The Norwegian pavilion will also feature a “royal” greeting location for Anna and Elsa.

Meet and greet lines at the temporary station at Magic Kingdom would regularly exceed four hours. (Parents know they can just not tell their children about this sort of thing right?)

8.) In 2014 Elsa was one of the 100 commonly used baby names in the world.

Interesting fact: it’s actually the siblings of new infants that are influential in naming them. I feel like if my parents let me name my brother he’d be named “Pumba”.

9.) There is a Frozen video game for the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s really just Olaf trying to figure out how to make more effective legs for himself.

10.) There will be a Frozen musical on Broadway.

Of course.

11.) Random House has sold over 8 million Frozen-related books.

Eh, the movie was better.

12.) Because of the movie’s popularity, there was a SEVERE shortage of Frozen merchandise in 2014.


When has this happened ever?

13.) Disney’s international tourism wing, Adventures by Disney has added more Norway tours.

Somehow I don’t think kids will appreciate Norwegian black metal as much as the people of Oslo.

14.) There will be a Disney On Ice Frozen show.

Of course.

Don’t get me wrong, Frozen was actually pretty awesome. But no matter how amazing a Disney movie is, does it really deserve to take over the world?

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