Baltimore County shooting suspect was bullied?!/madelinelucker/status/240116564769255424
As Twitchy reported earlier today, a shooting occurred at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County,  Maryland. The victim is reportedly in critical condition.

The alleged shooter’s name  is all over Twitter, and according to some classmates who apparently knew him, he was a victim of bullying:

So if you've ever bullied Bobby, hated on him, made fun of him, blame yourself as well.

— hopeless enigma (@luck_off_) August 27, 2012

Its obviously wrong to shoot someone but you guys don't realize its the actions that kids at school take that can drive a person to that.

— hopeless enigma (@luck_off_) August 27, 2012

Im not trying to justify what he did, but im just saying. This should be a lesson for us all.

— hopeless enigma (@luck_off_) August 27, 2012

I bet it was mad cool fucking with that kid the last few years huh? Until he puts a gun to your grill, not so cool anymore niggas

— Yüng Chôcôlate (@CallMeGiriRaj) August 27, 2012

@simple_dopeness Dude Name Was Bobby Gladden . & He Shot B/c He Was Being Bullied . He Shot A Kid Wit Special Needs . Smh

TalentedVirgo♍ (@LoveIn2013) August 27, 2012

At least one Perry Hall classmate has his doubts:

@madelinelucker honestly, I knew the kid, I was friends with him, he was already extremely fucked up. I doubt anyone else pushed him.

— Austin. (@_fuckaustin) August 27, 2012

At least one Twitter user is speaking out in support of the shooting suspect:

I'ma be honest when I'm saying I respect Bobby Gladden cause them kids shouldn't have bullied him in the first place; let that be a lesson.

— LeVar Williams (@LeVarDaUnd3rd0g) August 27, 2012

Note that the Baltimore County Police Department has not yet released the name of the alleged shooter, and no one has yet been formally charged with a crime.

Update, 10:51 pm ET:  The suspected gunman’s father says his son was bullied.

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