Denver’s Teachers’ Strike – Poll shows strong support for Denver teachers as strike looms

Four of five Denver residents say they support Denver teachers in their contentious salary negotiations with Denver Public Schools, according to a new survey of about 600 randomly selected community members.
79% of respondents agree that teacher pay in Denver falls short of what it ought to be.
82% of voters say they would support teachers if the Denver Classroom Teacher Association and DPS cannot reach a new agreement this week.
62% are in favor of Denver teachers going on strike this month until they can reach agreement with the DPS Board over pay levels.
The parents of DPS students who took part in the survey demonstrated even stronger support for the teachers

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Additionally, 74% of respondents held a positive view of Denver teachers, whereas only 33% reported a positive view of the DPS Board. Nearly half of the respondents want the board to take a real change of direction.
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