IONPA DH: Home ION Power Electric Toothbrush for $46

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Description Dental plaque is bonded to teeth due to a positive charge created by the saliva. The IONPA electronic toothbrush changes this charge and breaks the bond, loosening plaque, and making it easier to brush away. IONPA DH is an easy-to-use, standard model for plaque removal. With a lightweight body and simple design, DH is easy to grip even for small hands. Safe for those who are using one for the first time, this is an ideal electric toothbrush that removes plaque easily with gentle action, using the ionic effect, which loosens dental plaque’s bond. Offers three modes of sonic vibration that are ideal for every type of periodontal care. Studies prove that IONPA cleans more plaque below the gumline (as much as 196% vs. manual) Negative ions from the superfine bristles loosen stuck plaque With ion power + sonic action, all you need is water Smart Timer reminds the user of the recommended 2-minute optimal brushing time 3 brushing modes w/ memory function: Clean, GumCare, and White+ Recommended by Dr. Yuichi Izumi, a pioneer in periodontal disease studies in Japan

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