Libs ridicule ‘Southwestern Commission’ on border security

Yesterday’s bipartisan announcement of a immigration reform plan by the Gang of 8 was supposed to be a model of the new, “functioning” Congress. Four Democrats and four Republicans presented a plan that all could support … with certain conditions.

Rubio statement: “I am concerned by the President’s unwillingness to accept significant enforcement triggers…”

— Jim Acosta (@jimacostacnn) January 29, 2013

Rubio: Obama “speech left the impression that he believes reforming immigration quickly is more important than reforming immigration right.”

— Jim Acosta (@jimacostacnn) January 29, 2013

Sen. Marco Rubio made the media rounds last night and today (including a call to Rush Limbaugh) to clarify that some form of measurable border enforcement was necessary in order for the plan to go forward. If the Democrat senators could live with it, it must be reasonable, right?

Not quite. Liberals are already targeting the so-called “Southwestern Commission,” a group composed of “governors, attorneys general, and community leaders living along the Southwest border to monitor the progress of securing our border.” That sounds fair, seeing as those groups have first-hand experience with enforcement of the U.S./Mexico border. Libs aren’t happy with the proposed makeup of the group, though. Take Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall, for instance.

Interesting. So turns out Southwest Commission to be made of Rick Perry, Jan Brewer & whoever else lives in SW and is just really angry.

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) January 29, 2013

Ah, there we go. Govs. Perry and Brewer are just “really angry.” Maybe they’d be in better spirits if they could get some help from the federal government to secure their borders.

“Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead digs into the “Big Book of Campaign Humour 2012″ to take a swipe as well.

If we have Rick Perry and Jan Brewer on an immigration panel, there will be transvaginal probes at border crossings.

— Lizz Winstead (@lizzwinstead) January 29, 2013

Does anyone else want to lend their support to this bipartisan plan?

A Southwestern commission will dictate policy and legislation for the entire nation? WTF!!!

— Wayne Dickson (@Babbino) January 29, 2013

“Southwestern Commission” sounds like a thing in a near-future scifi novel right before “the old US” splits up into warring commonwealths.

— socratic (@socratic) January 29, 2013

Jan Brewer & Rick Perry on commission together.Ever been in a meeting where someone is just dumb?Now double that.

— ArrestRoveNow3 (@ArrestRoveNow3) January 29, 2013

You would have to be crazed to give Gov’s Perry, Brewer, etc any control over immigration #gopgonewacky

— humorwrkz (@humorwrkz) January 28, 2013

Where would we be if eradication of slavery had hinged on decisions by a Southern Commission. I don’t have faith in a Southwest Commission.

— raemd95 (@raemd95) January 29, 2013

Liberals have been trying to find some confirmation that the commission will act in a strictly advisory fashion. Who will have power over border enforcement, then? Talking Points Memo managed to track down Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Il.), who passed the ball to the Department of Homeland Security.

Durbin: No, Southwestern politicians won’t have veto power over pathway to citizenship…

— Brian Beutler (@brianbeutler) January 29, 2013

Let me — let me clarify this. What we — we haven’t written the section, but what we envision is — is to create metrics, measurements, in terms of progress on border security that could be certified or at least attested to by local officials. But the ultimate decision will be by the Department of Homeland Security. So it isn’t going to be something as generic as safe and secure borders. We’d never agree on that. But metrics, in terms of resources on the border and the impact it has on illegal immigration.

What was that about not having faith in a Southwestern Commission? Looks like we can reach some bipartisan agreement on that, too.

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