Mastermind of Paris attacks confirmed dead in yesterday’s anti-terror raid

Great news. Abdelhamid Abaaoud — the27-year-old Belgian “mastermind” of the attacks in Paris last Friday — was killed during the raid on an apartment in a suburb of Paris yesterday, according to French Prosecutors. It’s not yet clear how Abaaoud died, but his remains were identified in the rubble caused when a female terrorist blew herself up during the raid:

Abaaoudhad long been on the radar of both French and U.S. intelligence agencies and seems to have been able to travel between Syria and France with some regularity:

He was also linked to multiple terror attacks in France, including the one on a French train earlier this year that was thwarted by members of the U.S. military on while on vacation:

And even his family wanted him dead:

Well, they got their wish.

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