Media won’t stop talking about Drudge-hyped video ‘nobody’ is talking about!/jakebeckman/status/253459272598421504
Perhaps you haven’t heard since “nobody” finds it newsworthy, but Tuesday night The Daily Caller, Fox News and the Drudge Report broke a story about candidate Obama’s racially divisive, lie-peppered speech in front of a predominantly black Virginia audience.

“Old news.” Nothing to see here. Move along. That’s why, as Bloomberg TV editor Jake Beckman points out, “nobody” is talking about it today.

Meet Beckman’s fellow media “nobodies”:

The Drudge hype falls flat

— Dylan Byers (@DylanByers) October 3, 2012

Seriously. Just stop. RT @DavidOAtkins Helpful hint to major press people: go on a Drudge fast for a week. Just stop going there.

— Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) October 3, 2012

Obama 2007 video pumped by Hannity getting little play this morning. Either because it's old or there's a vast left-wing media conspiracy

— HowardKurtz (@HowardKurtz) October 3, 2012

The entire political world somehow got trolled yesterday by a 5-year-old video

— HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) October 3, 2012

Rerun: Fox News, Drudge & Tucker Carlson promote "bombshell video" of 2007 Obama speech, but reported on it in 2007:

— Media Matters (@mmfa) October 3, 2012

Right-wing media tries to create Obama secret video scandal. World says 'that's the best you have?'

— Daily Kos (@dailykos) October 3, 2012

TPM: Drudge-Hyped Obama Video Turns Out To Be Publicly Covered 2007 Speech:

— Brad Woodhouse (@woodhouseb) October 3, 2012

Are any of the morning shows mentioning Tucker's scoop?

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) October 3, 2012

Except for NBC, ABC, CNN, WaPo, the AP and others, the mainstream media ignored Obama's 2007 speech.

— Byron Tau (@ByronTau) October 3, 2012

How many airballs does Drudge need to shoot before people start doubting him? Amazed that Ashley Todd hoax didn't hurt his rep

— daveweigel (@daveweigel) October 3, 2012

Republicans unimpressed by Drudge video

— Post Politics (@postpolitics) October 3, 2012

So remember that Drudge/Hannity/Daily Caller bombshell? Me either.

— Justin Snow (@JustinCSnow) October 3, 2012

That’s a whole lot of nobodies burying a giant bone like good little media lapdogs. Evidently it’s worth talking about … but only if it’s part of a Journolist-style effort to downplay the story and mock those who find it newsworthy. Hush now. The gatekeepers know what’s good for you.

Shorter Lefty Media: "That video was such a non-story we're going to spend all day today telling you it wasn't a story." #tcot #p2

— RB (@RBPundit) October 3, 2012

Shorter media: Old Obama videos not important, but Mitt cutting someone's hair in high school should make the debates.

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) October 3, 2012

I see our progressive friends are still windmilling it over that not-news video.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) October 3, 2012

Fox News still leading with Obama vid and Drudge still pushing as priority. Corrupt media can only whine as we disseminate.

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) October 3, 2012

When the lapdog pack hides a bone, it’s worth digging. John Nolte’s “Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012″ is a great place to start:

MY LATEST –> Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012 via @BreitbartNews

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) October 3, 2012

Too bad “nobody” thinks it’s worth reading.

.@NolteNC: Top 10 reasons the 2007 #ObamaTape matters, despite the best efforts at spin of the Obama-protecting media:

— Fishing With Fredo (@FishingwFredo) October 3, 2012

From @NolteNC Awesome #Breitbart piece! Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012 via @BreitbartNews

— Ari David (@AriDavidUSA) October 3, 2012

If Romney cut some dudes hair in HS & a racist rock in Rick Perrys yard is news – the Obama 2007 tape is news

— Mr.L (@MrLTavern) October 3, 2012

Outstanding piece by @NolteNC Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012 via @BreitbartNews

— Geoff Cochran (@GCoch) October 3, 2012

The FACTS speak for themselves. Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012

— Bob Miller (@Miller51550) October 3, 2012

Hey, .@BuzzFeedBen, can you RT this for me? –> Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012 via @BreitbartNews

— Wacko Bird Jones (@wadejones3000) October 3, 2012

Heh. Don’t count on that.

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