‘On psych meds!’ Drudge hammers ‘moronic’ media gun-grabbers, blasts Senate

Ah, no rest for the gun-grabbing moronic media! As Twitchy reported, the alleged Navy Yard shooter has been identified as Aaron Alexis. Now come reports indicating that he may have been treated for “serious mental illness” and had an obsession with video games.

This Twitter user reminds us of another “moronic” gun-grabber:

Yep. Sen. Feinstein is already jumping on the ghoulish bandwagon by calling for more gun control laws.

And no worries! Drudge did not forget about “fascist” Sen. Feinstein:
Matt Drudge also apparently prefers to laugh so he won’t cry.

This Twitter user doesn’t think recusals would happen:

Heh. And this Tenn. lawmaker offers up a different scenario:



Report: Deceased alleged Navy Yard shooter ID’d as 34-year-old Aaron Alexis; FBI confirms mugshot [pics]

Breaking: Shooting at Washington Navy Yard; Injuries reported [pics, on-scene reports]; Update: One injury confirmed, officer down? Update: Multiple fatalities reported; Update: Multiple shooters?; Update: Report: Deceased alleged shooter was former Navy official; Update: At least 12 dead

‘Fascist’: Matt Drudge blasts Dianne Feinstein for trying to define who is and isn’t a ‘real reporter’

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