Sportscaster Sal Masekela dings Bob Costas as ‘uninformed, wildly pompous’!/cjzero/status/420630206101999617
It seems we briefly got an inconvenient truth from sportscaster Sal Masekela — something about fellow sportscaster Bob Costas always saying something “both uninformed and wildly pompous.”!/cjzero/status/420629903227117570
Now you see it, now you don’t.!/richarddeitsch/status/420708965819768833
What did Costas say this time?!/paulsen_smw/status/420617361633202176
Could it be this slam of new Olympic event slopestyle?!/SimonDumont06/status/420407791845507072!/_amyo/status/420689961449312256!/RHS76/status/420618533634985985
Of course, “wildly pompous” could refer to just about anything coming out of Costas’ mouth.!/jclead33/status/420626135475445761Read more: