Successfully Moving a Business in Denver

If you are the office manager of any business in a city such as Denver, there’s nothing guaranteed to make your hairs go gray than when your owner comes over to you and tells you that your office has outgrown its space and that he has negotiated a new space all the way on the other side of the city and its your job to make sure the moves happens on time, on budget, so there is no downtime.

Here is where you look to your moving firm as your ally in your move. It is not only in your interest that the move happens when it should, but it is also in the interest of the Denver office mover that the move go off, over a weekend without a hitch. So how do you accomplish this task:
* Contact the telecommunications providers – Internet, Web, cable, phone, cell – and get them on the same page so that the lines are moved and ready to receive their equipment
* Sit down and talk with the infrastructure department heads – IT, telecommunications, mail – to find their needs and how much space they will be using. You must also find out where the space will be located so that when the equipment rolls off the truck and comes up the elevator it isn’t 100 feet away from where it was supposed to be located
* Sit down with the department heads and scope out their office spaces – this ensures that when you move the desks, chairs, phones and computers of the workers – that sales doesn’t end up where marketing is supposed to be located and that the mail room doesn’t end up where reception is supposed to be
These may seem like trivial concerns now, but, when it is 8 pm. Saturday night and the chief of the moving crew is asking you where you would like certain items as they have been moved all over the office during the day, you need not panic and say “oh, just stick them anywhere, we’ll figure it out Monday.”
You have to realize that for you, the office manager and project leader of this move, there may be no Tuesday, if this is your answer. That’s why the planning experience of comes in very handy. With their experience, they will ensure that if number  720-555-5555 is supposed to be in marketing, on the manager’s desk, that they number is located there. Likewise, they ensure that your telecommunications provider ensures that the Internet connections are hot and that they are correctly set up when you roll the servers into their floor racks.
Of course, the IT manager has provide you with a good road map of the proper locations for the mail server, the cloud server connection, any blade servers and any backup systems that have to be provided for. The same is true of each desktop.
In this way, office moves in Denver are made much easier so that when the boss arrives on Monday and expects his emails to be in his queue in his office they are where they should be. You, truthfully, my be a nervous wreck, but, imagine if you had used a firm for your Denver business move that did not have the experience in moving offices. Your likely would have been at your wit’s end either waiting for “that meeting” with the owner or many, many sessions with the office psychological team as they brought you down and de-stressed you slowly but surely.

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