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Rudaw in English:

The General Committee of the Syrian Revolution called for demonstrations across Syria on March 9 in the name of “loyalty to the Kurdish uprising of 2004.”

A sense of national unity is one of the main features of the ongoing anti-Assad revolution. This unity stands for the power of people to face tyranny and represents the main source of fear for the regime after many unsuccessful attempts to divide Syrian society and weaken its effectiveness in taking over power.

Ali Ferzat, the prominent Syrian anti-regime cartoonist, said, “The spring of 2004 saw an anti-tyranny uprising when Kurds took to the street and opposed persecution and oppression and sacrificed dozens of men for the sake of Syria’s freedom. In their revolution, Kurdish cities stood alone in the face of this brutal regime, while in the current uprising all Syrians stand together to call for freedom. Today, we have to show our loyalty to our brothers, Kurds, who revolted bravely against Assad and are still protesting side by side with their Arab brothers.”

The Kurdish National Council (KNC) issued a declaration on Thursday calling for large demonstrations all over the Kurdish area to glorify the sacrifice of those killed in the uprising of 2004.

It would be nice to think that this won’t be another “Arab spring” uprising that leads to fundamentalist Islamist takeover.


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— Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1) March 10, 2012

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