Thatcher-haters loathe inclusion of Iron Lady in ‘great women’ ad [video]!/missbumptious/status/422545127396376577
During the #GoldenGlobes, an ad for Microsoft/Bing featured “great women” of 2013.

Is it not possible to be a “great woman” if you don’t fall in line with the liberal/left line of thinking? When it comes to Margaret Thatcher, who died last year at the age of 87, the answer appears to be “absolutely not”:!/CHANGOCHAN/status/422553255038963712!/MarthaPlimpton/status/422545495639470080!/PunkBalls/status/422546308474216448!/BillyWerner/status/422545318144905217!/Buglust/status/422544968305999872!/smellslikelemon/status/422544808763473920!/Big_Spiders/status/422544893043425280
One possible diagnosis?!/TSGDrewStern/status/422574854806585344
Nah! Well, maybe a little.

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