Twitter congratulates Kentucky win!/Globies/status/187027286434906112
The Kentucky Wildcats have won the 2012 NCAA basketball tournament:

My dad & neighbors are going crazy and ringing bells because UK won. #congratsKentucky

— Miranda ♥ (@iimaBelieber) April 3, 2012

#CongratsKentucky The SEC now holds the national championship in all three major sports.

— Josh (@MelonCash24) April 3, 2012

#congratsKentucky on the game! Knew my wildcats would win! Love all the players 🙂 so humble!

— becca alicyn (@Bec_Bec_Becca) April 3, 2012

#congratsKentucky I'm so proud to be born of Kentucky and raised a Wildcat tonight!!!!

— Roo (@RooGirl78) April 3, 2012!/iamsarahdawood/status/187029821816184834

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