Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Prosser charged with ethics violation

From Fox 6 News:

Prosser allegedly put his hands on the neck of his colleague, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, during a confrontation in Bradley’s office on June 13, 2011. There were supposedly four other justices in the room.

“This case is not about whether or not David Prosser is a good or bad person, whether or not David Prosser is a good or bad judge or what his judicial philosophies are,” Frank Gimbel the commission’s special prosecutor said.

“This case is about whether or not his actions in June of 2011, when he admittedly put his hands around the neck of a colleague are consistent with the ethical expectations that we have with our elected judges.”

“The charges filed by the Judicial Commission are partisan, unreasonable, and largely untrue,” Prosser said in a statement. “They will be vigorously contested because I am innocent.”

“I just don’t agree with that at all,” Gimbel said about Prosser’s statement. “The judicial commission is a non partisan part of the state government. The people that are on there are people of high integrity.”

Wisconsin has lost more jobs than any other state since Gov. Walker took office. http://t.co/mGvC2D5P. Turns out teabagging doesn't work

— Markos Moulitsas (@markos) March 16, 2012

This is clearly a political prosecution. Earlier, it was established that Bradley charged at Prosser with raised fist after he suggested her friend the Chief Justice might not be up to the job. His hands came into contact with Bradley’s neck as he lifted them to fend her off. She claimed that he’d tried to choke her. The testimony of other Justices told a different story.

The false charges came out as Prosser was campaigning to keep his seat. The only reason they’re being resurrected now is that there’s another upcoming election, and the Recall Walker forces want to be able to overturn Wisconsin’s voter ID law, which has been enjoined by Madison-based judges.

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