Wrestlemania XXVIII: The Rock vs. John Cena; Update: The Rock won

Wrestling fans are atwitter over Wrestlemania XXVIII tonight. “#RockvsCena” and “#Wrestlemania” are trending in the U.S.

Has it really been “XXVIII?” Agh. Time flies. And so do the bodies.

#wrestlemania #rockvscena I'm gonna be happy and disappointed by the end of this match, these two are my bebbys

— psychedelic eric (@spatulatoilet) April 2, 2012

Shhhh #rockvscena #WreslteMania #history #onceinalifetime

— James Forthofer (@TheFutureCoach) April 2, 2012



Update: It’s a battle of the trademark moves — The Rock’s “Rock Bottom” vs. John Cena’s “Attitude Adjustment.”

This match keeps going back & forth. Rock kicked out of an Attitude Adjustment, Cena kicked out of a Rock Bottom!

— Ben Ashley (@BenAshleyWV) April 2, 2012

Trending Worldwide for #WrestleMania: Rock Bottom, People's Elbow, Attitude Adjustment

— WWE (@WWE) April 2, 2012

Update: The Rock wins.

Wow! The Rock won! I was NOT expecting that. Cena tried to do the People's Elbow and got caught with the Rock Bottom.

— Andreas Hale (@AndreasHale) April 2, 2012

The Rock WOn Just in time to promote his new movie GI JOE Retaliation and he gone he wont be back till Never #wrestlemania SMH

— Yung Shaq (@mrshaqattack) April 2, 2012

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