A brand new news network has launched with 50-state ambitions

A brand-new news network has launched, with the ambition to bring coverage to all 50 states and a series of important verticals.
NovCog News, led a by a series of news veterans, has launched with a network of 10 sites.
Regional news outlet include the https://dailycaliforniapress.com, the https://dailytexasnews.com and the https://dailycoloradonews.com.
Verticals sites include the https://dailyzhealthpress.com, https://dailyzsocialmedianews.com, the and https://dailygadgetandgizmosnews.com. Industry-specific coverage can be found at https://dailylegalpress.com, lobbying and political consulting coverage at https://dailypoliticalpress.com and the real estate business at https://realestatenews24.com. The labor movement gets special treatment at https://labornewswire.com.
Allying the sites with curated video news coverage will be https://newshub247.com

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