Akvis Charcoal Artistic Tool: Lifetime License for $58

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AKVIS Charcoal allows you to create drawings with each material, charcoal, and chalk, or combine them using dramatic contrast between black and white. Playing with colors and options, you can get a lot of variants of the photo to drawing conversion and achieve outstanding artistic effects such as Sanguine, Sepia, Sauce, and others. You can observe the conversion of your photo into a charcoal and chalk drawing in real-time, thanks to the marvelous Timeline feature. Need to transform multiple images? The Batch Processing feature lets you automatically convert a series of files. Turn all your photos into a charcoal sketchbook, make stunning cartoon videos! Softpedia: “A complex yet user-friendly software solution that was developed to provide you with a simple method of customizing your favorite photographs and making them look as if they were drawn with chalk.”

Source: https://stacksocial.com/sales/akvis-charcoal-artistic-tool?aid=a-7z5mx0lp&utm_campaign=feed&utm_medium=RSS&utm_source=www

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