Assistance Passed on by A Denver DUI Attorney

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a crime punishable by law. However, even though such a rule was imposed to protect the safety of the drivers, passengers, and bystanders, its implementation is still subject to a lot of biases as well as abuse. In areas such as Denver, DUI Attorney is usually called to provide legal assistance and protection to people apprehended because of suspicions of driving under the influence. Here are the some of the rationalizations as to why.

Right to remain speechless

Many drivers, when pulled over by traffic police, often become too scared and easily coaxed into admitting drinking. Because of this, some of them get apprehended unfairly. You see, according to studies, drinking does not instantly impair a persons abilities to drive and think, at least not until it reaches a certain level in the bloodstream. This is the reason why a typical Denver DUI Attorney will tell you to exercise your right to remain silent. In fact, drivers can refuse to answer questions from the officer especially about having anything to drink.

Right to deny Sobriety Tests

According to the State of Colorado, taking the roadside sobriety tests is still a choice. A Denver DUI Attorney will usually advise you to take only a blood test because it is the only mandatory alcohol test that traffic police can give you. You dont have to waste your time and energy on unnecessary tests that people are forcing on you. The difficulty is most people, because of not knowing that it is their right to refuse, subject themselves to humiliating roadside sobriety tests.

Guardianship from harassment

Most of the time, the reason why a Denver DUI attorney is called is to avoid harassment. Since a lot of people who get pulled over often get into arguments with the police, lawyers are brought to the scene to resolve the issue without violation of anyones rights. Whether youve had a drink or not, your rights as a driver and as a citizen should always be protected.

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