At Golden Globes, Lucy Liu’s dress looks like grandma’s drapes; ‘Lucy Lui’ trends!/TV3Xpose/status/290608039038427136

Actress Lucy Liu is beautiful; for some reason she doesn’t age.

But the dress she wore at the Golden Globes tonight isn’t getting rave reviews.

@misskellyo Lucy Lui’s dress looked liked wallpaper. #NotFlattering Liked her hair though. #eredcarpet

— Rhonda(@AACTCL) January 14, 2013

Ugh Lucy Lui looks like she is wearing my grandmother’s comforter. #WorstDressed #wtf #GoldenGlobes

— Steven Grossman (@Steven_Grossman) January 14, 2013

Agreed! RT @seasonsgreeting: Usually love Lucy Lui, but her stylist missed the mark with the weird braid and curtain-like dress….

— Debbie Friez (@dfriez) January 14, 2013

Lucy Lui is wearing my French Country drapes #ERedCarpet

— Kelly (@KellyBoPeep) January 14, 2013

Lucy Liu looks like she ripped off the fabric off my grandmothers couch and wrapped it around her body.#GoldenGlobes

— Nicole (@nicoleb977) January 14, 2013

Lucy Lui looks a bit like she is wearing my grandmothers drapes. #goldenglobes

— Leesa Mitchell (@eventsinbloom) January 14, 2013

I love Lucy Lui but that dress looks like a sofa we had when I was 8

— Garrett Wolthuis (@GarrettWolthuis) January 14, 2013

Lucy Lui is giving her nod to Sound of music by wearing an old Holiday Inn comforter #GoldenGlobes

— Jennie Sahm (@ketelluvr) January 14, 2013

Lucy Lui’s dress looks like a comforter. Or a drapery. Either way – not good. #GoldenGlobes

— Sun Devil Style (@SunDevilStyle) January 14, 2013

It gets worse. Twitter users think her name is “Lucy Lui.”

lucy lui

Add that to the list of racist code words?

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