Beer Summit gut: Never mind #skeetgate photo, what about Obama’s paunch?!/JGeetto/status/297919221218816001
Oh, dear. It’s not just the unflattering mom jeans; What about the belly? As Twitchy reported, President Obama claimed in an interview with The New Republic that he totally shoots skeet all the time. The White House then released a photo as proof: Hey, guys, look! Obama loves him some skeet shooting! Much Photoshopping fun was had.

But some Twitter users are focusing on something other than the skeet nonsense. Look at President Obama’s beer summit gut!

#BeerSummitGut RT @mamadoxie: 0 has a little paunch going on.…

— Rschrim (@Rschrim) February 2, 2013

I’m actually more disturbed by Obama’s apparent pot belly than whether or not he’s really a skeet shooter

— Mark Fiore (@MarkFiore) February 3, 2013

Shooting, US president’s hobby via @sharethis;;;;;;;;;MR PRES OBAMA SIR,,,,,you are getting a beer belly sir,,,,,,,,,,,

— manooch kargar (@ma000111) February 3, 2013

Obama’s scores anti-gun message by releasing uncool photo of rifle use with gut out & t-shirt tucked into pants.…

— Corey Mintz (@coreymintz) February 3, 2013

@soopermexican what’s weird is that i didn’t realize that Obama had a beer gut developing.

— Oenone (@Oenonewept) February 3, 2013

The most interesting thing about this photo is Obama’s burgeoning gut.…

— Matthew Tyler (@MattDTyler) February 2, 2013

Obama’s getting a bit of a presidential paunch.

— Benedict Shillito (@LickMyBenedict) February 2, 2013

Heh. Paging Michelle Obama! Time to tell the president “Let’s move” and cut out those high-calorie lunches?

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