When You Run Out Of Pokily Balls…

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‘Wait, are you serious’? Aaron Paul rips Toys ‘R’ Us for caving to Florida Mom

Thanks to the efforts of busybody Florida Mom, Toys ‘R’ Us has decided to pull popular “Breaking Bad” action figures from its shelves. Earlier this week, Bryan Cranston weighed in. Today, it’s Aaron Paul’s turn:




Damn straight, she did.


You know what the real problem is? People like Florida Mom.

jesse pinkman finger


Parents taking responsibility for their kids? Imagine that!


‘She should tread lightly’: Bryan Cranston burning ‘Florida mom action figure’ in protest

‘Cultural shift?’ SNL lampoons Obamacare with #BreakingBad Jesse Pinkman cameo

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul disses *NSYNC

Love hurts: Aaron Paul remembers the good old days of ‘Breaking Bad’

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José Canseco needs $100,000 to launch Twitter reality show

Well, Twitter, you’re all invited into José Canseco’s world, where perception is reality. What does that mean, exactly? We don’t know either, but $100,000 would go a long way toward finding out.
Who’s in?
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Pippen spotted at Bulls game, ignites Twitter hate


Scottie Pippen At EVERY Game, He's To Chicago, What Spike Lee Is To NY, Lmao.

— DerrickRose'sBFF. ♊ (@DiamonBULLET) March 9, 2012


Is the guy sitting beside Scottie Pippen supposed to be a white Aziz Ansari?

— NBA Problems (@NBAProblems) March 9, 2012

just saw that Scottie Pippen had a white friend on @NBAonTNT pretty excited to maybe hit him up and go to buffalo wild wings one day.

— jake (@hiimjake) March 9, 2012

Scottie pippen is like that dude who graduated years ago ..but still be up at the school everyday

— VARNELL HILL (@pROBly_rite_tho) March 9, 2012

Yo scottie pippen on the blazers was some G shit

— keithie (@KeithCarrubba) March 9, 2012


Anyone else suprised Scottie Pippen is still allowed in the Bulls arena after saying Lebron is better than Jordan?

— Michael Magee (@notthefakemagee) March 9, 2012

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SNL plans to host British boy band and Hollywood hottie

Did anyone catch SNL last night? It was announced during a commercial break that “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara, and the british boy-band “One Direction” will be hosting SNL on April 7th. That’ll be one show to watch.

SNL April. Sofia Vergara and One Direction. That is perfection.

— ♡ (@HausofArancha) March 11, 2012

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Epic Understatements

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Adam And Eve Didn’t Think Different

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Helping Out A Little Fox

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Look How Happy This Man Is With His Onion

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We’ll Just Wait, He’ll Be Here Soon

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