Conservatives discuss ‘how to make a liberal cry’!/Shaughn_A/status/315480860205916160

#HowToMakeALiberalCryPutting the Ten Commandments back into public schools.

— Shaughn (@Shaughn_A) March 23, 2013

There’s nothing like starting the weekend off with a conservative-themed hashtag game. This morning, Twitter user @Shaughn_A got the ball rolling with #HowToMakeALiberalCry. A few others weighed in, and before long the hashtag took off.

Here are a few of the best entries:

#HowToMakeALiberalCry Quench your thirst with a large soda after leaving the shooting range.

— David Riggs (@Riggs_GOP) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry shoot their unicorn with an assault rifle.

— Mallory (@MalloryGuinan) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry Get a job and a paycheck and be a normal heterosexual white person. Liberals will think, “Damn, another vote lost”

— Robert Anthony (@rap2jr) March 23, 2013

@blakergirl75: #HowToMakeALiberalCry tell them how much fossil fuel was burned mining rare elements used to make the batteries for their car

— RfromMo (@RfromMo) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry Tell them they are “glowing” the day after their abortion.

— iSheeple (@iSheeple1) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry Tell them their health insurance went up because of Obamcare

— James – Texas(@TheOV_Blog) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry show them a photo of your kid w/ the deer your 6 year old DAUGHTER shot last weekend with her pink HELLO KITTY AR-15

— Pat Johnson (@PatJohnson) March 23, 2013

Allow Youtube to post anti-Islamic videos #HowToMakeALiberalCry

— Stuart(@Ringo6) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry Hand them a razor and deodorant explain how it works.

— Wacko Bird Suz (@SuzieWilliams) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry Tell them that food stamps may only be used to buy rice cakes and vegetables.

— Mike C. (@MJCFlorida77) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry tell Sandra Fluke she should be responsible for her own birth control.

— Ashley Lynn (@AshuhLeee_Lynn) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry Note that 50x more people showed up to watch the Daytona 500 this year than protested #KeystoneXL #tcot #p2

— Delta Bravo Kilo (@DeTroyes1) March 23, 2013

#HowToMakeALiberalCry say PETA should be renamed People for Ethical Termination of Animals, since they kill over 90%…

— California Crazy! (@TCOTonLeftCoast) March 23, 2013

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