Constituents to Mayor Cory Booker: Do something about our spoiled food!!/CoryBooker/status/263707545556897794
No joke. One of Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s constituents tweeted him about her spoiled food.

Looks like Entitled Lady is not alone, though:

I hope were all getting vouchers because everything in my refrigerator has spoiled by now & i don’t receive food stamps! @corybooker

— Kattia C. Adante (@LaKrazy973) October 31, 2012

@corybooker my tolit will not flush and things are starting to back up. Food is spoiled and I can’t leave my building. #frustrated

— I’m Super Brown! (@OsuBrownsWahoo) October 30, 2012

We’re helping some in crisis. Do u have a special need RT @queen_ranique: what are u gonna do 2 help us get food 4 all food is being spoiled

— Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) October 30, 2012

Twitter followers were left shaking their heads:

There are people tweeting Cory Booker expecting the city to reimburse them for their spoiled food???#Priorities

— Kathy (@leafsweetie) October 31, 2012

I swear folks think @corybookeris superman. Someone tweeted asking the Mayor what he was going to do about her spoiled food. #ridiculous

— Melissa Hester (@pandahess) October 31, 2012

.@corybooker wait a minute…is @quan_ladyy saying that the gov’t needs to replace spoiled food because of the power outages? #entitledmuch?

— agjustice (@agjustice) October 31, 2012

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask Cory Booker what he can do for you!

besides visiting old people and giving kids toys, @corybooker is now telling people how to dispose of spoiled food. the man is amazing

— palladiumquest (@vanadiumzest) October 31, 2012

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