Donnie Wahlberg’s arithmetic regarding a little off; Updated!/ktsummer/status/401441203520290816
It’s the thought that counts, right?!/DonnieWahlberg/status/401440248909291522
Update: Wahlberg deleted the above tweet, but Twitchy is forever:


If that were correct, the total might be closer to resembling the total final cost of the Obamacare train wreck:!/gschare/status/401441014528753664
Update: Submitted without comment… (note: Wahlberg also deleted the tweets below)!/DonnieWahlberg/status/401457739744165888
And later:!/DonnieWahlberg/status/401467313045913600
#Breakthroughs:!/DonnieWahlberg/status/401469770954182656Read more: