#ISupportDanaLoesch: Vicious libs attack Dana Loesch; Happy warriors rally

As Twitchy reported last night, Breitbart.com editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch called out President Obama for his politicizing of the Newtown prayer vigil. The Left, predictably, hurled vicious hate and sexist attacks at Ms. Loesch. New tone! Civility!

This morning, sane Twitter users are supporting Dana Loesch with the #ISupportDanaLoesch hashtag.

#ISupportDanaLoesch Because only scum use a tragedy to attack someone else’s beliefs

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) December 17, 2012

#ISupportDanaLoesch and @chrisloesch because they have integrity, unlike the violent thugs who troll them on Twitter.

— GirlWithAGlock (@GirlWithAGlock) December 17, 2012

#ISupportDanaLoesch because…….she’s right. Period.

— Elissa Roberson (@ElissaRoberson) December 17, 2012

#ISupportDanaLoesch Because strong conservative women will triumph over cowardly progressive men any day.

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) December 17, 2012

#ISupportDanaLoesch Because…free speech. Oh, and she’s right.

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) December 17, 2012

#ISupportDanaLoesch because I respect truth. #tcot

— Marybeth(@MBGlenn) December 17, 2012

Thank you @dloesch for all you do.You’ve been a huge support for me in all this craziness 🙂 love you guys.#ISupportDanaLoesch

— Bethany Bowra (@BethanyBowra) December 17, 2012

#ISupportDanaLoesch because the left fears her for she attacks their very soul and they know it. Hence their vile retorts.

— Charles(@repub9989) December 17, 2012

#ISupportDanaLoesch because y’all don’t see when she & @chrisloesch make an effort to reach out to the next gen of conservatives like myself

— Elissa Roberson (@ElissaRoberson) December 17, 2012

#ISupportDanaLoesch because she fears not the truth and sends those who live in shrouds of delusion to face the hard cold facts!

— beth pepoy (@Bpepoy) December 17, 2012

#IsupportDanaloeschshe’s a patriot & cares about America 365 days a yr & not when convenient or popular! @chrisloesch twitter.com/LLSKYGIRL/stat…

— Sky Goddess(@LLSKYGIRL) December 17, 2012

#ISupportDanaLoesch because she speaks the truth fearlessly. @dloesch rawks.

— Lorraine Yuriar (@thekytikat) December 17, 2012

Fight like a girl? You betcha.

#ISupportDanaLoesch b/c when I’m politically depressed her resolve & passion gets me fired up again. #Thankyou @dloesch @chrisloesch

— Sarah Hinds (@sarah_hinds76) December 17, 2012

Happy warriors for the win.

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