It’s about time: Leonard Nimoy weighs in on policy toward illegal aliens!/TheRealNimoy/status/354656871124176898
Mr. Spock thinks it’s high time illegal aliens be given a chance to come out of the fabled shadows. He’s taken to Twitter to make his case:!/TheRealNimoy/status/354663510581587969
For the record, the White House agrees:

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 12.52.38 PM!/TheRealNimoy/status/354666650127171584
From what we can see, though, the Gang of Eight does not appear to be terribly committed to even securing the border. That defies logic.!/TheRealNimoy/status/354674055615483905
And good on him and his father. America was built on hard work. But what the logic-loving Mr. Nimoy fails to recognize is that, by and large, opponents of the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform plan are not opposed to all immigration; they just don’t believe that illegal immigrants should be rewarded for breaking our laws.

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