MSNBC’s no good, very bad week? That’s entertainment

It wasn’t a very good week for MSNBC, but it was exactly the week the channel deserved. “Cycle” host Touré kicked things off Thursday with his suggestion that U.S. Senators are affected by gerrymandering.

On Friday, host Martin Bashir concluded his program by suggesting that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth and urinate in her eyes as her punishment for using slavery as an analogy for crushing debt (an analogy heartily endorsed by the Occupy Wall Street crowd).

Finally, MSNBC announced that its new show “Up Late” would be suspended for two weeks after host Alec Baldwin was again accused of using homophobic slurs against a photographer. In a statement, Baldwin said he wasn’t sure if the show would return.!/Tomboulides/status/401733031951884288

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