Nieah Is Your New Korean R&B Goddess

                                            <b>Nieah, an R&amp;B singer from South Korea, has all the makings of an R&amp;B superstar.</b> And the tracks to prove it.                                                          

1. Nieah is poised to take the Korean R&B scene by storm. Her new jam “Tell Me Why” is a lush, beautiful song that any U.S. singer would kill to get their hands on.

2. “Tell Me Why” is a song about longing. Nieah is in love, but she’s starting to feel like it’s unrequited. Her lover is keeping something back from her. The first verse is especially haunting:

The questions you couldn’t ask
The hurt that you couldn’t hold back
You don’t have to hide anymore

The things you had to keep secret
You can tell me everything truthfully

From now on, give me all of your pain,
But only if it’s okay with you
I will hold you tight, don’t worry

3. Can’t you imagine Tinashe crooning to this beat? Or Drake rapping over it? “Tell Me Why” is perfect for chill nights driving through the city with your woes.

4. Nieah spoke to BuzzFeed and shared a bit of her journey.

“It’s been about four years since I started writing my own music,” Nieah told BuzzFeed. She was born in South Korea and moved to Seoul when she was 17. She at first went to school to learn music, but it ended up not being for her. Her style of music wasn’t exactly marketable in Korea, and it wasn’t taught at school. So she had to do it all on her own.

When asked about her musical influences, Nieah said, “my favorite artist is Kelly Rowland. It was all thanks to her that I [am] doing music. She influenced me a lot [with her] voice, soul, and appearance.”

5. Besides Kelly Rowland’s influence, Nieah’s Instagram shows that she’s a huge fan of American R&B. She wrote the lyrics to “Tell Me Why” herself and produced it with artists Mute and Jay Dope.

On working with Mute and Jay Dope, Nieah told BuzzFeed, “We have a lot of common interests in music and we inspired each other. We are going to work on lot of projects like ‘Tell Me Why’ and reveal ourselves to world soon.”

She also plans on creating her own label with them.

7. And it doesn’t end with “Tell Me Why” — Nieah slays with this song “Belief,” which she wrote and produced herself.

Nieah plans to release her next single on April 28th and she’s currently working on a mini-album for July.

9. Keep kicking ass, Nieah. And keep giving us more dope jams.

You can follow Nieah on Twitter here.

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