Obama inspired by auto worker who won the lottery but kept coming to work

Naturally, Twitter couldn’t resist having a little fun with this:

Could've left and saved someone else's job. Greedy 1 percenter. RT @jimgeraghty: Lottery winners give Obama hope!

— Matthew Hoy (@hoystory) September 7, 2012

Shorter Obama: If everyone in America wins the lottery, we're set.

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) September 7, 2012

The lottery gives Obama hope? The lottery, where your bet ALWAYS exceeds your expected payout? That pretty much sums up the stimulus bill.

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) September 7, 2012

BREAKING I will now vote for #Obama because I hope I win the lottery like that autoworker did! #DNC2012

— Vincent Wagner (@DrGizmore) September 7, 2012

Hey, maybe Obama was trying to tell us that he plays lotto?

Obama: gains hope from worker who wins lottery. Hoping he will too?

— Alainnah Robertson (@AlainRobertson) September 7, 2012

Auto worker who won lottery gives Obama hope? #isthepotusplayingpowerball?

— Mark Fleagle (@MarkFleagle) September 7, 2012

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