#ObamaDebateExcuses result in instant classics. Gold, Jerry, gold

Oh, the giggle-snorts! As Twitchy reported, President Obama was flailing up a storm during the first presidential debate in Denver last night. The Schadenfreude, it was delicious. Twitter users kindly offer up some excuses for the president’s use, to help explain his abysmal performance. They are such givers!

Read them and weep … from giggling.

#ObamaDebateExcuses Wait…So "Mile High City" refers to the altitude?

— NancyBellicec (@Nancy_Bellicec) October 4, 2012

#ObamaDebateExcuses Obama: My teleprompter is not working. Leher: We dont have teleprompters Obama: Oh

— Яob (@robx_d) October 4, 2012

#ObamaDebateExcuses What do you mean I can't invoke Executive Privilege to stop Americans from seeing the debates?

— 1Nation2Parties (@1Nation2Parties) October 4, 2012

#ObamaDebateExcuses umm excuse me Jim, but I was told there would be no questions.

— Яob (@robx_d) October 4, 2012

#ObamaDebateExcuses I Got 99 Reasons and as soon as they give my teleprompter back, I'll tell you. #DenverDebate

— Laura Freed (@heyLauraFreed) October 4, 2012

It's Bush's Fault… I inherited this debate…#ObamaDebateExcuses

— Just me (@reluctantzealot) October 4, 2012

But lying liar who lies, Stephanie Cutter, claims he never blames Bush! Oh, dear. We can’t even type that with a straight face.

#ObamaDebateExcuses It's difficult to rehearse for a debate while you're on the back nine. I need a new caddy.

— Rhodes News (@RhodesNews) October 4, 2012

#ObamaDebateExcuses I was told to just stand there and be Eye Candy.

— Candice (@CandiLissa) October 4, 2012

Yes, sillies! Don’t you remember he is President Eye Candy? No talkies.

#ObamaDebateExcuses Was led to believe he would be able to "Slow Jam" his answers.

— Imaumbn™ (@Imaumbn) October 4, 2012

Where was fan boy Jimmy Fallon to help him out with a ‘slow jam?

Nobody told me Jim Lehrer was racist and part of the vast right wing conspiracy. #ObamaDebateExcuses

— Dr. Schadenfreude (@PoliticsOfFear) October 4, 2012

#ObamaDebateExcuses Romney keeps looking AT me. Right AT me. No fair

— FranXM (@xfranman) October 4, 2012

And these Twitter users put it all in a hilarious nutshell.

Couldn't concentrate because Chris Matthew kept sexting me #ObamaDebateExcuses

— Mattphilbin (@Mattphilbin) October 4, 2012

#ObamaDebateExcuses I was trying deliver my speech, but this guy kept contradicting me with a lot facts. Numbers too. What was that about?

— Shaka Dwayne (@ShakaDwayne) October 4, 2012

My dog ate my notes. Then I ate the dog #ObamaDebateExcuses

— Stuart (@Ringo6) October 4, 2012

More, please, Twitter! Even though our sides are already aching, keep the hilarity coming.

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