Oralift Natural Facelift Kit for $249

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KEY FEATURES Use coupon code LIFT33 at checkout to get this product for $33 off Oralift is a natural facelift device that helps remove signs of aging on your face by revitalizing and rejuvenating your skin. It is achieved by wearing a mouthguard type device for short periods. Oralift uses a similar process where the facial muscles have to adapt when the device is worn. The process of adaptation is well established in orthodontics, indeed in evolutionary terms for survival. This device is programmed for you and will respond according to your needs. Natural facelift device that helps remove signs of aging Revitalizes rejuvenates skin by targetting the 43 forgotten facial muscles The process of adaptation is well established in orthodontics Restores the health of your facial muscles Individually programmed app responds to all your needs Track your progress monitor your improvements How It Works Login to the App Mould fit the device to your face Test the health of your facial muscles and set your program Make your facial muscles work for you Take a rest and continue the process NOTE: Download the Oralift App and use the code on the Oralift Kit to start your treatment with the App. PRODUCT SPECS Specs Color: pink Materials: du pont elvax 150W thermoplastic material, grillamid TR90 nylon material Dimensions: 2.6″H x 7.9″L x 7.9″W Natural facelift device Individually programmed Track your progress Monitor improvements App: Oralift App Includes 3mm Purple Device with Case 5mm Pink Device with Case Thank You Note Treatment Guide Ruler Pen Notepad Petroleum Jelly 2x Emery Boards App Access Code

Source: https://stacksocial.com/sales/oralift-kit-natural-facelift-device?aid=a-7z5mx0lp&utm_campaign=feed&utm_medium=RSS&utm_source=www

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