Peyton Manning working out for Broncos, Denver offers contract!/mortreport/status/180656489776680960
It seems like Peyton-palooza is starting to wind down. After rejecting the Dolphins, the top two teams still in the running for Manning remain the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans.

Today he’s meeting with the Broncos again, but this time the quarterback will reportedly put on a private workout for the team.

Stay tuned to for all of the latest developments! It looks like Peyton may choose his new team as early as today.

The Broncos execs are going to be salivating watching Peyton Manning complete passes today. #bringhimback!

— Howard Melton (@HowieMania) March 16, 2012

There Peyton Manning is gonna work out for someone so people can shut up about that now #WhereWillPeytonGo

— Jack Jorgensen (@NolesYanks14) March 16, 2012

I dont want Peyton Manning to go to Denver!! I want him to go to TN Titans!

— Alexis Jones (@Alexoo4) March 16, 2012

I wish peyton would hurry up and make up his mind

— STAN (@stanman123) March 16, 2012!/Twixit_N_Mixit/status/180659868653465601

I'm tired of the Peyton Manning drama.

— Karla Rickert (@karlarickert) March 16, 2012

My gut says Peyton wants to be a Titan, but Bud Adams is a loon and imo that pushes Peyton to Denver. We'll see.

— George Childress (@Giorgio2089) March 16, 2012

John Elway is flying to Durham to see Peyton Manning throw. One spiral pass should close the deal and end the Tebow era.

— Shooter McGavin (@ShooterMcGavin_) March 16, 2012

So, I hear Peyton Manning has a second interview for a football job with Denver. I shall spend the next two hours listening to ESPN about it

— Scott Simkus (@ScottSimkus1) March 16, 2012

I hope Peyton Manning is completely inaccurate at today's work out and he gets multiple cramps… NO to DENVER…

— Young Geezy.. (@MsMyaG) March 16, 2012

If Peyton Manning ends up choosing the #Titans over the #Broncos, will that be considered "good" beating "evil"? #Tebow

— Justin Pawlowski (@CommishOnline) March 16, 2012


Looks like the Broncos have already laid some money on the table.!/MikeKlis/status/180711493547982848


John Elway tweeted his thoughts on watching Peyton throw.

We enjoyed visiting with Peyton today in N.C. He threw the ball great and looked very comfortable out there.

— John Elway (@johnelway) March 16, 2012

Watching him throw today was the next step in this important process for our team and Peyton. It was a productive visit and went well.

— John Elway (@johnelway) March 16, 2012

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