Roland Martin tells Dr. Ben Carson’s critics to ‘chill’!/rolandsmartin/status/313035419228987392
Not only is Dr. Ben Carson not the first black conservative to have given a speech — he isn’t even the first black conservative to have given a speech at CPAC this year. And his critics — especially the ones tweeting from the liberal “tolerance brigade” — do need to chill. Martin does suggest that conservative fans chill as well.

Why are conservatives falling for the notion that Dr. Ben Carson is running for president in 2016? He’s not. I think the hullabaloo is funny

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) March 16, 2013

This is real easy: Carson WILL NOT be running for president. Fall for the okey doke if you want. But it ain’t gonna happen.

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) March 16, 2013

Carson has been cagey about his political plans, and in his hour-long interview with Sean Hannity, he was reticent about his party affiliation as well. Running for president in 2016 does seem like a stretch for someone who hasn’t run for office before, but there are other races to be run. Until then, sit back and marvel as Martin defends Carson to his followers.

@rolandsmartin It was his tweets today that set everyone off.

— Candey (@CandeyQ) March 16, 2013

@candeyq which tweets? None were sent today by @realbencarson, his official Twitter account.

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) March 16, 2013

It was this tweet, from March 7, which set people off, reportedly.

“RT @realbencarson: I do not have to depend on what someone else did or what someone else gave me in order to be successful.” @rolandsmartin

— Candey (@CandeyQ) March 16, 2013

@rolandsmartin Ben Carson is running for the bank. Give him six months for a new book. He’s gonna cash in QUICKLY

[email protected] (@alpha1906) March 16, 2013

@alpha1906 dude, @realbencarson has been a successful neurosurgeon for years. He’s got lots of paper. And has written books.

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) March 16, 2013

Several of Martin’s followers aren’t taking the advice to chill, or at least aren’t taking a liking to Carson.

@rolandsmartin @kimbrowntalks because he’s black….and we, black ppl, will vote for ANYONE who is black……so the GOP thinks

— HeWhoMakesItRain (@Lebanon_Don) March 16, 2013

@rolandsmartin carson would be a better canidate then that nine nine nine “brotha”… ijs

— S. MR (@lilman219) March 16, 2013

@rolandsmartin they need their “Token” since Herman Cain didn’t work out I guess ?

— Candice Burris (@NYYFan1977) March 16, 2013

@rolandsmartin @gclobea tokenism comes to my mind, they honestly think everyone is stupid, not wack-jobs like them!!

— Gregory Beals (@gclobea) March 16, 2013

@rolandsmartin isn’t it weird considering the roots of conservatism? I mean what ways of the past is he wishing he could conserve?

— Carbon theElement (@djcarbon) March 16, 2013

To some, it’s a matter of Carson’s policies, not his race.

@rolandsmartin agree also. Carson is entitled to his opinion, and while I disagree w/his philosophy, I can also disagree at the ballot box.

— Rachman Walker (@rachawal) March 16, 2013

@rolandsmartin the point is not that he is Black and conservative.The point is that he was once a hero to many and now seems like a jerk.

— Donna Williams (@donnaspeaks919) March 16, 2013

@rolandsmartin @alpha1906 @realbencarson and his books and success once inspired many of the very same people he seems to hold in contempt

— Donna Williams (@donnaspeaks919) March 16, 2013

@rolandsmartin @alpha1906 @realbencarson he’s a surgeon but doesn’t believe in health reform.The poor can’t afford neurosurgery.

— Donna Williams (@donnaspeaks919) March 16, 2013

@rolandsmartin @alpha1906 @realbencarson the racial and economic health disparity is real and wrong

— Donna Williams (@donnaspeaks919) March 16, 2013

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