Serve yourself in a Denver Day Spa

A Denver day spa will allow you to pamper yourself with advanced skin care procedures as well as massages that will renew both your mind and body. The spa offers professional skin care services that can recharge and bring your skin back to its youthful vigor. Its specialties include preventive treatments, skin perfection and restorative treatments. Aside from its professional skin care specialist, it also has a licensed massage therapist that can let you relax and unwind from the tension brought by everyday life. To improve your massage experience and get the kinks out of your muscles, you can consider using hot stones, which has been proven to have therapeutic effects.

If it is your first time to visit the Denver day spa, there is an online massage intake form that you can fill out. The rates for massages vary. If you want to increase the blood flowing to your major muscle groups, you can have a relaxing massage done in long and slow strokes for sixty dollars per hour. This kind of massage has been proven effective for managing stress and shortens the time it takes for tired muscles to recover. If you want to have a Swedish massage with light ray therapy though, you have to call the spa beforehand for the price.

For deep tissue massage, expect to pay seventy five dollars per hour or a hundred and five dollars for an one and a half hour session. For a neuromuscular massage, the rate is a bit lower at sixty dollars per hour or ninety dollars for an one and a half hour session. If you are aching all over and you want to open up your muscles to remove the aches and pains, you can try a hot stone massage for eighty five dollars per hour. Denver day spa hot stones are very advantageous to the body and can relax you after a long and back breaking day at work.

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