So, you wanna talk about #failedrecord, David Axelrod?!/EricFehrn/status/194067873910620161
Last Sunday, top Obama adviser David Axelrod prompted snorts and giggles over his inadvertent endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Undaunted, he appeared on CNN this morning to argue that voters will judge Obama on his record.

Romney’s team and other Obama opponents agreed wholeheartedly on Twitter.

.@davidaxelrod says @BarackObama to be judged on his record. Like 38 mos. of unemployment over 8% #failedrecord

— Zac Moffatt (@ZacMoffatt) April 22, 2012

.@davidaxelrod is right about 1 thing, voters will judge @BarackObama on his #FailedRecord 23 million Americans struggling 4 work

— Andrea Saul (@andreamsaul) April 22, 2012

Sunday show recap: 2 weeks into General Election campaign, and Team Obama still hasn't found a way to spin President Obama's #FailedRecord

— Alberto Martinez (@albertemartinez) April 22, 2012

Shorter #MTP: Gregory – can obama run on his record? Axelrod – But, Bush…

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) April 22, 2012

Just heard Axelrod say the President should be judged on his record. . . record spending and record unemployment? #FailedRecord

— Brett Talley (@brettjtalley) April 22, 2012

Unfortunately, Mr Axelrod, The One has a record now. 🙁

— greg harris (@sledge_harris) April 15, 2012


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