Getting Back to the Constitution in Education

In an executive order (EO) issued April 26, President Donald Trump ordered a rollback of what he termed “a federal power grab” in education.  Constitutionally this order is profound and long overdue. The order begins, “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, […]

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Denver Improv Festival is back Nov. 10-12th

DENVER — The Denver Improv Festival is back! Don’t miss the unscripted hilarity hitting four performance venues across downtown Denver when the festival returns November 10-12th 2016. DIF 2016 features more than 175 performers from across the country.

The festival headliners are married couple Craig and Carla Cackowski (Los Angeles, CA) performing as Orange Tuxedo, and Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto (Chicago, IL), who are Here: the Musical.

Craig Cackowksi is best know as “Officer Cackowski” on NBC’s Community and is a recurring performer on Comedy Central’s Drunk History. Carla Cackowski performs and teaches with Second City Los Angeles and has toured Europe, Alaska and the Caribbean as part of their touring company.

Tara DeFrancisco was awarded “Funniest Person in Chicago” by the Free Press. She and her partner, Rance Rizzutto, are Here: the Musical, a duo that is one of Chicago’s most lauded shows presenting the original two-person improvised musical. Chicago Tribune Critic-Recommended and called “Nothing Short of Genius” by NPR, this show has been brought to 14 countries and 40 cities worldwide.

The festival starts on Thursday, November 10th with High School Night, which features five teams of student performers from around the metro area. Tickets for High School Night are $ 10.

Friday, November 11th and Saturday, November 11th feature nine shows at the Bovine Metropolis Theater, the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse and Backstage at Beryl’s. Each show has top-notch improvisers from Denver and across the country. Tickets for standard festival shows are $ 15.

Festival workshops will be held during the day on Saturday, November 12th and will have offerings from Craig Cackowski, Carla Cackowski, Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto, as well as guest instructors from San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The festival culminates in the “Big Show” on Saturday, November 12th at 9pm at the Studio Loft at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. The “Big Show” features headliners Orange Tuxedo and Here: the Musical, as well as the Denver Center for the Performing Art’s improv team, Cult Following.

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More about our headliners

Craig Cackowski is an actor, improvisor and teacher based in Los Angeles. He has been involved with the iO and iO West theaters since 1992, and is the three-time winner of the Del Close Award as Teacher of the Year at iO West. He has played numerous improv festivals around the country with his long-running three-man troupe Dasariski (with Bob Dassie and Rich Talarico) and his duo Orange Tuxedo (with his wife Carla!). While in Chicago, he appeared in and co-wrote 5 revues for The Second City, and helped create such improv forms as JTS Brown and Close Quarters. As an actor, he has been seen in recurring roles on such shows as Community (as “Officer Cackowski”), Bajillion Dollar Properties (as “Todd the janitor”), Veep (as “Cliff”) and as part of the ensemble cast of Drunk History. Other film and TV credits include Son Of Zorn, Girlboss, Comedy Bang Bang, Newsreaders, Welcome To The Family, The Mindy Project, How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Year Of The Dog, 21 And Over, and The Kings Of Summer. He may be heard frequently on such podcasts as The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Spontaneanation and his own podcast Craig’s List, in which he makes Carla watch his 100 favorite movies.

Carla Cackowski is an improviser, actor, writer, teacher, podcaster, and nap-lover. She toured all over Europe, Alaska, and the Caribbean performing sketch comedy and improv with The Second City and currently teaches improvisation and directs sketch shows at The Second City Hollywood. Carla is also a solo performance artist, having written and performed five solo shows that were produced in Los Angeles. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA and has done voiceover work on shows for ABC Family, TBS, and Disney. She is the host of “Improv Yak”, a shop-talk podcast about improv comedy. Her comedic monologues have been published in anthologies by APPLAUSE BOOKS. Most recently, Carla has written for sketch shows on PBS Kids and Dreamworks TV.

Tara DeFrancisco was awarded “Funniest Person in Chicago” by the Free Press, “30 Under 30” in the Windy City Times, and “25 Funniest Females 2009” in Curve Magazine for her ventures in stand up, sketch, and improv. She teaches improv courses and workshops to people of all ages and backgrounds across this nation, and that’s about the most rewarding thing ever – traveling to elementary and high schools, colleges, and offices all over the country as both an introductory instructor and a professional Comedy Consultant. Tara has taught for all ComedySportz, iO, and Second City in Chicago, both in-house and on location. Tara is a 3-year veteran of Second City Touring Company, a decorated ComedySportz 3-time MVP, and an iO teacher, coach, house performer, and enthusiast. There are no words for how very thankful she is.

Rance Rizzutto has performed, coached and taught improv for years. Long-form with iO Chicago (Chaos Theory) and other various independent groups. Short-form with ComedySportz and Second City Theatricals (aboard NCL ships). Musical and hip-hop/rap with The Deltones, Baby Wants Candy, and The Beatbox. Even silent improv in The Silent Treatment. Rance has coached and designed team building and provided services for Intel, Nike, AT&T, Wells Fargo, IBM, Hewlett Packard and more. He’s even done improv all over the world, mostly in Here, a two person musical with Tara DeFrancisco herself! He is also known for his photography, hypnotism, and hosting.

About the GroupMind Foundation

The Denver Improv Festival is produced by the GroupMind Foundation, a 501(3) organization that is dedicated to “bringing improv to the community and the community to improv.”

The post Denver Improv Festival is back Nov. 10-12th appeared first on North Denver Tribune.

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Denver Broncos back in the Super Bowl in 2009

Bronco fans are loyal to their team and will defend them even when/if they are having an off-season. This season, 2009, is expected to be no different. The team has many exceptional players from the 2008 season, along with some extremely skillful free agents. Anticipation, for Custom nfl jerseys the new season, is rapidly growing. So much in fact that season tickets will be gone in a matter of hours, leaving thousands of fans sitting outside the stadium during home games.

The Denver Broncos have seen many changes, to their staff, over the years, but through this have still managed to achieve championship titles in 1977, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1997, and 1998. The Broncos stomped the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII and won again in Super Bowl XXXIII – only five other teams have been able to accomplish the feat of two Super Bowl victories two years in a row. These championships are what keep the fans coming back for more, and are the reason that over 70,000 fans will fill the Mile High stadium for home games, and why many will be left to watch from other venues.

The Denver Broncos began as a humiliation to the AFL. Their first few years were embarrassing as replica NFL they struggled to pull off a successful play, and they did it in old, used clothing with vertically striped socks. The socks, oddly enough, were what stood out the most. Two years after they became a team, Jack Faulkner stepped up to the plate to begin to make a team out of the men known as the Denver Broncos. His first friendly gesture, to the fans and press, was to burn the horrific socks that they team was wearing. For some reason, this gesture was one of the first steps to making the team as popular as they are today nfl jersey.

In the mid to late 60’s, things began to quickly move forward for the team. In 1965, Gerald and Allan Phipps – whom saved the team from being bought out by Atlanta – purchased the team. Ticket sales increased from 8,000 to 22,000 because of this singular event. Three years later the team acquired the old Bears Stadium and renamed it to the Mile High stadium.

Shortly after, 20,000 additional seats were added to the stadium. Then, in 1976, another expansion took place increasing the seating to 63,532. Each increase was followed by a boost in ticket sales, leading to a full stadium for every home game the team played.

After their amazing feat of two Super Bowl wins, back to back, in 1997 and 1998, the Broncos made it to the playoffs in 2000, 2003, 2004, and again in 2005. Having stated this, they have not been seen in the playoffs in a few years, nor have they been seen with a championship title in some time. So, where is all of the hype, for the 2009 season, coming from?

The team, for the 2009 season, includes some of the best players from the 2008 season, along with cheap nhl jerseys new players like Chris Simms (son of an amazing quarterback Phil Simms), JJ Arrington, and LaMont Jordan. Chris Simms has yet to make a name for himself, but he has the arm to prompt extreme excitement about his joining the team. Arrington, a stunningly impressive running back, will increase the team’s number of carries, catches, and total yards for the year.

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Denver Back Pain Solutions – How To Get Rid Of Back Pain In Denver

Individuals dealing will Denver right back Pain will most likely seek out multiple cure to help relieve their discomfort, but can you really figure out the very best treatment? That real question is a critical one to fully answer before carefully deciding on Denver Chiropractor.

Advil and Aspirin will be the time-tested solutions that most people will use when selecting medication to ease the pain. However, those two medications will only provide a brief resided relief simply because they assist by simply blocking or preventing the receptors additionally the nerves that initiate pain in the torso. Their particular results do not withstand and don’t treat the explanation for pain.

The acronym RICE represents remainder, ice, compression and level which is usually suggested as a treatment for Denver straight back discomfort. It really is frequently employed for temporary relief of injuries such pains, sprains, aches as well as other these types of accidents usually incurred whenever participating in sports. Again, the relief is just temporary whilst actively works to reduce the swollen location’s swelling. It generally does not provide a lengthier term quality associated with the issue.

Both long and short term assistance can be had through the solutions of a specialist chiropractor.

For the short term, a sudden though short-term ease of the pain sensation is normally accomplished through a modification that relieves the trunk tension and advances the flow of blood toward location this is certainly injured. It is always crucial to supply an improved flow of blood to an injured location to speed up the healing.

In addition, the modification that the chiropractor makes will allow the injured person to feel much better and for that reason he will much more easily manage to begin working out the muscle tissue that offer the straight back. The hurt individual can choose to add to their work out routine core exercise sessions to strengthen their supporting back muscle tissue, or they can decide to go to actual therapy.

People who suffer these types of accidents typically believe to begin methods to alleviate the pain, and combining a few of the techniques described above brings the needed relief they seek.

For more information on our solutions for Denver straight back ache, you may complete the form with this web page, or contact us for a no cost consultation to attain an easy and full data recovery.

This Denver Back soreness review had been merely one tool to acquire reduce back pain as well as on the street to data recovery.
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