Those People Are Sleeping On A Grizzly? Wait. Nope, Just An Awesome Bean Bag.

No, these people aren’t lounging on an actual grizzly bear, but when you find out what it actually is, you’ll want to be sitting down.

The folks in the photos below are doing their best hibernation impressions on a bean bag chair. The Hong Kong-based CHIC SIN DESIGN company is not messing around when it comes to ursine furniture. If you love bears, bean bag chairs, or scary the daylight out of people who dare to interrupt your naps, then you’ll love this piece of furniture. Check it out!  

Okay, THAT’S not a real grizzly bear?

Are you sure?

Well, they must be.

Because everyone who lounging on it looks pretty relaxed.

It’s like learning from the master. Those bears sure know how to sleep.

Kids love it too.

How could they not? Bear or bean bag chair, that’s one cute cushion.

(via CHIC SIN DESIGN, H/T Neatorama)

One of the best things about this bean bag chair is that newcomers to your home will surely be afraid to steal your seat if you decided to get up from your sleeping bear. For more from CHIC SIN DESIGN, take a look at their Etsy shop and Facebook page.

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