These 30 Inventions Will Transform Your Kitchen Into Awesomeness. #14 Though… What The?

When you have extra money to burn, it’s difficult not to spend it on stuff that’s just… cool. Stores like Sky Mall and Brookstone are full of strange gadgets that you’d probably never use, but want just the same. Some of these strange (and sometimes costly) tools could come it handy. However, it’s doubtful you’d use them enough to justify their cost. These are some of the best kitchen gadgets out there that you would never find in your normal kitchen.

1.) Pacman: helping bakers the world over.

2.) Need to store knives and satisfy your need to stab people?

3.) Or want to freak out your guests?

4.) It’s hard to say what this does, but it looks painful.

5.) Separating egg yolks can be creepy…

6.) Or adorable!

7.) Give your toothpicks their very own form of transportation.

8.) Did you know that bananas are heat resistant?

9.) I don’t need no corn on no cobs.

10.) Feel like Wolverine with this finger fork.

11.) When cooking is like an awesome science experiment.

12.) Give your dinner guests nightmares with these gadgets.

13.) This creepy/adorable little guy will help you dice cherries.

14.) Evil robot … or coffee machine?

15.) Peeling potatoes is for fools.

16.) S’MORES!

17.) Cut pizza like a boss.

18.) Crispy microwave bacon? YES.

19.) This mixer tries to be cute, but it’s just evil.

20.) It’s hard to say what this is, aside from terrifying.

21.) Spinning your own fork to eat spaghetti is for losers.

22.) Make your own sauce at home… or grind up things for fun.

23.) Stop mixing like a caveman.

24.) Picking up the jug to pour it is archaic. Use this rocking thing instead.

25.) Want to serve drinks? Use something cool to do so, like this.

26.) Two words: Custom toast.

27.) Chop things like a cool kid.

28.) Save dem bananas.

29.) Crack nuts like Hilary Clinton

30.) Mr. Penguin helps steep your tea the appropriate amount of time.

Even if I’d only use these things once a year, it would be totally worth it to have it in my kitchen. Nothing impresses family and friends like custom toast designs (am I right?). Share these awesome inventions by clicking below!

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