Ron Fournier’s ‘provocative hypothetical’ on quarantines? Gun seizures!/ChasFlemming/status/526888750186369024
National Journal reporter Ron Fournier has been doing a lot of chin scratching on the Ebola crisis lately, leading to some head scratching from his Twitter followers. Just yesterday, he tweeted a photo that seemed to equate the Ebola quarantine policies of Govs. Cuomo and Christie with World War II internment camps (while overlooking quarantines in Illinois and Connecticut).

Followers suggested a grip was in order, but instead, Fournier on Monday suggested that some “anti-government, pro-liberty” types wanted to “cavalierly” quarantine people.

Nothing cavalier about a disease that liquifies your organs.

How about trusting state government over the feds?

We can all agree the federal government would be easier to trust to handle the crisis if it could settle on some guidelines; the CDC issued yet another new set of guidelines today.

Amen to that.

Hmm … speaking of a slippery slope, is this hypothetical exercise headed where we think it’s headed? Yep.

Another day, another shaky analogy? Noted.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s ride down the slippery slope; the attraction is now closed.

* * *


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