7th Annual Denver Modern Home Tour

DENVER — The Modern Architecture + Design Society brings its Modern Home Tour series back to Denver on Saturday, May 20, for the 7th year in a row. Attendees of the tour get a rare chance to see a curated selection of local modern homes, and meet the architects, designers, and builders that created them. […]

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6th Annual Denver Modern Home Tour

The 2016 Denver Modern Home Tour will take place on Saturday, May 21st; the annual tour give residents of the Mile High City the rare opportunity to visit and walk-through a collection modern residences, and meet the local architects behind the designs. Habitat for Humanity-Metro Denver is the tour’s non-profit partner. Modern Home Tours is […]
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Denver Beauty Schools: Arming the Modern Cosmetologist

You would not expect less from professional cosmetologists–they have the ability to make any face beautiful on pageant-level. Knowledge on the tools of the trade in the field account for the best results cosmetology in general can offer. The skills gained in providing such services are the fruits of years of certification or licensure training in the field, particularly the how-to in using modern beauty-enhancing techniques.

Skin peeling

Chemical peeling solutions are used for exfoliation, making the skin smoother and more brand new. Skin peeling can range from superficial to intensive, depending on the condition of the skin. It is essential to learn the different chemicals used in skin peeling, as some people might have allergic reactions to certain solutions. There are at least eighteen different skin peeling techniques to learn.

Laser technology

Lasers play a critical role in the field of medicine, let alone cosmetology. Most dermatologists use lasers in a variety of ways such as for removing unwanted hair or varicose veins. Proper handling of lasers is a skill cosmetologists must learn to promote safe and effective treatments. This is an extensive course because there are different kinds of lasers for specific tasks.

Herbal medicine

A natural method of healing may be necessary especially if people prefer such over artificial means. Denver beauty schools teach the art of making herbal medicine such as teas, extracts and tinctures. This is recommended for aspiring aestheticians who plan on selling homemade remedies in their offices. Such a skill may come in handy due to the fact that people are eventually shifting to natural healing methods.


Knowing the right kind of makeup to use is also a skill that can be learned at a Denver beauty school. Whether for stage plays or special events such as marriages, makeup artists must know the different tools and the right time to use them. The concept of makeup can range from basic blush-on and lipstick to something more advanced such as prosthetic makeup. Think of it as a kind of art where the face is the canvas.


Reiki is a Japanese art of natural healing that offered in most spas and massage parlors. It is a non-invasive procedure that heavily involves the natural healing ability of the human body to alleviate the effects of stress. Studying Reiki in Denver beauty schools is basically studying its massage techniques as well as the methods of balancing life energy.

If you have questions, please visit us at www.InternationalEsthetics.com for complete details and answers.

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