Hundred dead in Chinese port city as evacuation ordered

Chinese traffic police wear masks as they man a security checkpoint near the site of an explosion in northeastern China’s Tianjin municipality, Aug. 15, 2015.Thе death toll frоm massive explosions іn the Chinese port оf Tianjin has rіѕеn tо 104 іnсludіng 21 firefighters, state mеdіа report… #AssociatedPress, #Beijing, #China, #CommunistPartyOfChina, #ContainerTerminal, #DangerousGoods, #Explosion, #PeopleSDaily, #Port, #Tianjin

Air port in Denver

Every country needs to communicate with the all other countries of the world. In the past men had invented the trains to achieve this purpose of communication. But it was a very slow process and it used to take days to reach the other corner of the world, moreover the journey was not convenient at all. But this problem was later solved by two brothers in America who invented the aero plane; this aero plane was designed in such a way that it can travel long distances in air in a very less time. Therefore the airports are made to keep these aero planes and also to provide a platform at which the passengers could arrive from any other country or can depart from the country to any other state.

The airport in Denver is much large and it has enough space that about a hundreds of aero planes can land at a time. It is marbled and well maintained. In its beauty there are only very little parallels. Now I shall brief you about all the things of this airport briefly. The airport has a length of about one kilometer, there are two separate compartments one is arrival and other departure. A large security team is appointed there who would check the luggage of the local passengers who intend to go out to any other state. The passengers are not allowed to bring any thing like knife, pistol, drugs etc.

All these materials can harm any person therefore there use is forbidden. A large number of police officers are there who will caught the person who intended to go by wrong means or is carrying any kind of drug with him. In the airport, the security officers have a list of thieves or and all blacklisted people therefore they does not allow such persons to go out.

In the airport, there is a departure area and on the notice board present at the entry of departure area. Are displayed the schedule of the flights. This includes that which flight will depart at what time and to which city or country. Denver airport maintains two types of flights that are national and international flights. Another interesting thing is that three types of flights are maintained one is for economy class, upper economy class and business class.

The prices of tickets for the economy are least, for upper economy is more and for business class they are very much high. The other section is for the passengers. The aero planes land on the airport at the scheduled time. Then, there is again a process of checking for security purposes and then the passengers are allowed to pass out. On the airports, a large numbers of bulbs are set to aluminates the path.

In the airport there are few flowers shop, the visitors buy these garlands to present them to there arriving relatives. There are also eatable shops that entertain the people on the airport. While waiting for their relatives to arrive the visitors enjoy themselves with the foods sold at these shops. In Denver on the airport, there is a restaurant which is famous for its delicious foods.

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