You Are Reminded That Your Safety is Your Own Responsibility

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Waving for pedestrian safety

SLOAN’S LAKE – Some folks don’t wait for the government to solve their problems. When Sarah McDowell faced a steady stream of cars racing past her as she stood in the crosswalk at 26th and Tennyson trying to cross safely with her 3-year-old son, she decided to do her part to make the intersection safer for pedestrians. She installed canisters with flags made of bright orange and reflective tape with the instructions to pedestrians on how to use them to cross safely.

  1. Pick up the flag before entering the crosswalk.
  2. Be sure traffic has stopped!
  3. Give a thank you wave.
  4. Leave the flag in the canister on the other side of the street.

As a Highland resident for 15 years with a child and dog, McDowell says she has witnessed countless times when she waited at the crosswalk at 26th and Tennyson. “I’ve waited at the pedestrian crossing on 26th and Tennyson while cars zoom by, the drivers making eye contact, but not stopping. Then eventually a car stops, but then it’s a game of chicken to see if the cars on the opposite side will stop as well. After too many terrifying crossings (and witnessing someone in a wheelchair almost get hit), my 3-year-old and I decided to do something.”

She and her son created the flags with a $ 100 GoFundMe grant. They put them up on November 19. After posting pictures on local social media sites and receiving many positive messages, McDowell says she hopes to install more at 32nd and Julian and 42nd and Lowell.

“I love this neighborhood and would love to see it be more pedestrian friendly. We want to help be a part of the solution and not just whine about the problems.”

McDowell cites the efforts of other cities where drivers are trained to understand that a pedestrian stop means stop. Despite a strong desire from the residents in the area for a pedestrian solution, traffic engineers deemed the intersection of 26th and Tennyson unworthy of an all-way stop.

McDowell and her son plan to attend the WHNA meeting on Dec. 6.


The post Waving for pedestrian safety appeared first on North Denver Tribune.

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Denver Fire Department secures discount on fire safety products for residents

Don’t Wait, Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years

DENVERAs National Fire Prevention Week (October 9 – October 16) gets underway the Denver Fire Department in partnership with First Alert ( want to remind residents that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms do not last forever.   “Replacing smoke alarms is a really important message that we want to make sure everyone is aware of,” said Denver Fire Chief, Eric Tade.  “We want to ensure people are not lured into a false sense of security by changing batteries in a smoke detector that is past its useful life.”  The alarms may not work when they are needed most. It is important to remember:

• Three out of five home fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke alarms
• 450 people are killed from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning yearly
• For 25 years, people have been reminded to change clocks and change batteries but smoke alarms do NOT last forever.
• Smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years and CO alarms every 5 – 10, depending on the alarm.

According to the NFPA, install smoke alarms in very bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement. Be aware that larger homes may need additional alarms.

To help with this education outreach, First Alert has donated 200, 10 year battery,  smoke alarms to the Denver Fire Department.  The 10 year batteries are sealed within the alarms meaning you never have to change the batteries for the life of the alarm.  At the end of 10 years, the alarm will signal that it’s time to take it down and put up a new one. 

At the request of the Denver Fire Department, First Alert is making its fire safety products available at a 20% discount via its online store only from Friday, October 7 through Wednesday, November 30.  Visit and enter the coupon discount code, DenverFD.     

About the Denver Fire Department: Founded in 1866, the Denver Fire Department is dedicated to providing quality, timely and professional emergency services to those who live in, work in, and visit the City and County of Denver and the communities we serve; respecting each other through trust, pride, diversity, integrity, and training; and working together to achieve the highest levels of preparedness, prevention, and community involvement with dedication to purpose. The Denver Fire Department is on Facebook (DenverFireDepartmentCO) and Twitter (@Denver_Fire).

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The post Denver Fire Department secures discount on fire safety products for residents appeared first on North Denver Tribune.

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