New Edgewater civic center will unify city services

EDGEWATER — Colorado’s $ 1 billion marijuana industry has a big impact on municipalities across the state—especially small ones like Edgewater, population 5,300, just across Sheridan Blvd. from Sloan’s Lake. Edgewater’s six retail pot shops net the city $ 1.4 million in tax revenues this year.

Edgewater’s pot revenues have exploded over the past three years, with $ 400,000 in 2014 and $ 800,000 in 2015, according to Edgewater City Manager HJ Stalf. The city has used $ 3 million to repave all 12 miles of its streets and fix many sidewalks as well. “It took Edgewater 50 years to make these infrastructure improvements before marijuana came along,” said Stalf. “The streets had suffered from 20 years of deferred maintenance.”

But the money train could come to a halt if President-elect Donald Trump’s administration actively opposes legalized marijuana laws in Colorado and other states. Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for attorney general if he is approved by the Senate, is an outspoken opponent of legalized marijuana. He is on record saying cannabis is “dangerous” and that “good people don’t smoke marijuana. It is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized.”

Trump said on the campaign trail that he favors states’ rights and would not interfere with legal recreational-use states such as Colorado. But he has wavered on the issue, leading to concern because the lack of a presidential mandate could delegate decisions to Cabinet heads. Gov. John Hickenlooper told The Denver Post regarding Sessions: “It concerns me, what his intentions are and what his focus will be.”

Nationwide, Sessions could impact the $ 7.4 billion marijuana industry. Following the November election, 28 states and Washington D.C. have approved medical or recreational use of cannabis. The federal government may not be able to shut down every marijuana business, but businesses may find themselves battling an activist attorney general.

Meanwhile, Edgewater voters on Nov. 8 approved the construction of a $ 10 million civic center, to be financed entirely with pot tax revenues. The 40,000-square-foot civic center will be built on the north end of Walker Branch Park, on Harlan St. between 16th and 18th avenues. The civic center will include the police station and city hall, as well as a 10,000-square-foot library and a 14,000-square-foot fitness center.

“We can build it even without the marijuana revenue,” said Stalf. “We’re doing well now and we’ll still be okay. With marijuana revenue, we’ll have it paid off in eight or fewer years. But if it goes away, we’ll have to absorb the debt service of $ 750,000 a year, and that will take about 25 years.”

Edgewater plans to break ground for the new civic center in summer of 2017 and have it open in 2018. “Whether we’ll have the marijuana revenue going forward is the great unknown,” said Stalf. “The Feds might be busy with other things, like immigration, and not get to this. Hopefully, we’ll know in six months. We’ll issue the debt on the building next summer, so we hope this will be clarified. We wish for continued marijuana revenue, but that might not necessarily be the outcome.

“In any case, we’ve used the marijuana revenue only for capital projects, not for salaries. So we’ll have those fixed assets going forward. But the loss of that revenue would constrain other improvements in our community, like improving walk-ability. We’ve tried not to get used to the marijuana money, but we’d feel it.”

Colorado’s cannabis industry continues to set revenue records, with sales totaling $ 974.3 million for the first nine months of 2016, compared to $ 733.8 million during the same period last year, according to the Department of Revenue.

Stalf says Colorado’s marijuana industry is likely to level out, even without Federal interference. “With other states legalizing it, the out-of-state influence on our industry will go away. Edgewater will have more competition too if more cities in Jefferson County allow it. Right now many shoppers pass through Edgewater on their way to Golden or Evergreen.”

Edgewater voters approved Amendment 64, Colorado’s 2012 marijuana bill, by 73 percent, compared with 66 percent of Denver voters. Edgewater has experienced very few issues around the new businesses, Stalf said. “It’s been a benign industry; we’ve had few complaints. All the shops submitted business plans; they are well-run small businesses. They take responsibility and they don’t do anything that would jeopardize their license. They don’t take risks in this small community with lots of eyes and ears.”

He said that Edgewater isn’t likely to pass a social pot measure like Denver’s, in which customers may consume their own weed on businesses’ premises. “That idea is not well-received here,” Stalf said. “We just want retail sales, not a leading-edge club scene.”

What Edgewater does want is the new civic center, passed by 81.5 percent of voters. Most needed are the new police station and a library that is ten times bigger than the existing space. “Our police station is a former butcher shop at 25th and Gray,” Stalf said. “It’s an embarrassment. They deserve a modern facility, and they’ve been promised it for fifteen years. We need a place for community activities, and when the library mill levy passed last year, we said ‘Let’s do this.’”

He said that right now city facilities are spread out and “they have all seen better days.” “We have second-floor offices without an elevator that are not ADA compliant. It’s not cost effective to update what we have. Also, some city offices are in prime commercial properties that could be part of the city’s income. It’s better to get them back on the tax rolls as private businesses.”

Edgewater is changing as more young people move in, Stalf said. “Marijuana is a factor, but mostly it’s because we’re 10 minutes from downtown and close to the Highlands. Real estate prices here have doubled in the last three years.”

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Carpets need regular cleaning and Denver Carpet Cleaning companies offer excellent services in carpet and upholstery cleaning. Carpets are expensive and maintaining them is not only important but difficult too. These services deal with all types of stains- coffee, ink, grease, wax, pet stains or any other problem you face with your carpets.

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There are a number of things that can cause permanent stains on the carpet. These strains include dye, colours, pet-urine, coffee, wine, and similar kind of stuff. These strains are not easy to remove by an unprofessional. It calls for a professional help. With commercial structures where carpets have to welcome such strains daily, for example hotels and restaurants, it becomes necessary to call for expert guidance. Denver carpet cleaning agency is the answer to your call.

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When you have a business and you would like to make sure that you will get it to be more successful as soon as possible and one way that you could achieve this is through direct mail Denver. Well if you know something about this, you will be aware of the fact that this is a very important factor that will get to decide the success of your business a lot. More to that, you will also have to know that the costs for such campaigns are quite high depending on the type of materials that you will get to use (type of paper, print quality and so on).


If you don’t have any recipients yet, then don’t worry, for there are many websites on the internet that will let you in on lists that usually contain one thousand addresses. The costs for one such list will vary between twenty dollars and two hundred dollars per list. Also, what is to be kept in mind her is that even though you will want to save money, you will not have to cut corners, for you will only need to have recipients that are interested into the services you have to offer.


Thirdly, you will have to pay attention to the quality of the campaign. If you will get to delve into sending out users glossy printed catalogs, you will certainly get to pay a lot of money for them. More to that, you should know that the postal services will also get to charge you a lot based on the weight of the catalogs, so the heavier they are, the more money you will have to spend in this direction.


It is true that this type of campaign is kind of expensive, but when you will go with AlphaGraphics Denver services in order to achieve this, you will certainly realize that it is the most successful of them all. I know that at times, especially if it is the first type of this campaign that you are embarking on, you will be kind of worried not the costs, but don’t be. You will soon get to have your money back from the success this campaign will have.


More that, you should know that per one thousand emails, you will get to have around twenty leads generated.


More to that, these leads will easily cover up for the all of the costs that you have considered to invest into his campaign.


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Richard is a full time internet marketer, with more than 6 years of experience in giving advice to thousands of customers on choosing the best products online

All about printing services Denver

There are a lot of us out there that are looking for printing services Denver and there are also many reasons to why there are so many people that are demanding such services. First of all, you will never have to worry about the fact that you will have to wait for a long time until you will get to have all of your materials delivered to you. So fast turnaround of the requested materials to be printed is one of the advantages you will benefit from.


Next, you should know that compared to the printing services of the past, you will not have to worry about the fact that printing plates have to be created, so this will reduce a lot the time you need to wait for your work to be delivered. More to that, using such services you will also have the advantage of using substrates, like glass, canvas, metal and so forth.


Also, with modern technology advancing, you will see that the results you will get when delving into such service will speak for themselves. The colors will look like they are ready to jump off the materials and overall, the final results will look professional and will let you in on that wow effect.


There are actually 3 processes that will get to be used when you will want to have things printed in the quality of your choice. So, if standard printing quality is what you need, then you will have to go with inkjet printing. Next, if you will want to delve into something that goes in-between, then UV printing is the choice to take. Last but not least, lambda printing is the trump of all 3 and it will offer you eye popping results.


Before you will go with Printers Denver, you will need to make sure that you will delve into doing some research about the company of your choice, so that you will not end up going with one that will not ever meet your exigent needs.


Also, keep in mind that any respectable company will get to have a reviews section that you will have to take a look at. See what other users are saying about it and if things are ok, then you will certainly have to make sure that you take the right choice. Some research might be required before you will find a good company, so dedicate some time into this step.


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Richard is a full time internet marketer, with more than 6 years of experience in giving advice to thousands of customers on choosing the best products online Denver is the largest city and the capital of the U.S. state of Colorado. Denver is also the second most populous county in Colorado…

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